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Hey there, welcome to my page o' wavs. I have plenty for you to enjoy here. Feel free to use as many of my wavs as you like. If you have any requests for certain songs or sounds, please feel free to e-mail me and I will see what I can do.

Wav Songs A Thru F
Wav Songs G Thru L
Wav Songs M Thru S
Wav Songs T Thru Z

Each sound is sorted alphabetically, feel free to use as many sounds as you like. Just click on the letters. Remember, a link back to this page would be a very nice gesture :).

I'm an A I'm a BI'm a CI'm a DI'm an E I'm an F I'm a G I'm an H I'm an I I'm a J I'm a K I'm an L I'm an M I'm an N I'm an O I'm a P I'm a Q

I'm an R I'm an S I'm a T I'm a U I'm a V I'm a W I'm an X I'm a Y I'm a Z, and this is IT!

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