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Television Theme Songs

Theme Song
File Size
Adventures of Pete and Pete Theme
325 k
All In The Family Theme
248 k
Andy Griffith Show Theme
328.5 k
Beverly Hillbillies Theme
596.5 k
Charles In Charge Theme
645.7 k
Coach Theme
393.5 k
Different Strokes Theme
575.7 k
Doug Theme
490.6 k
Ducktails Theme
339 k
Facts of Life Theme
411.6 k
Good Times Theme
524 k
Hawaii-5.0 Theme
462 k
Home Improvement Theme
723.7 k
Jetsons Theme
451.2 k
Mentos Theme
240 k
Mr. Ed Theme
416.4 k
Princess Bride Theme
1.3 MB
Ren & Stimpy Theme
239.1 k
Roseanne Theme
190.3 k
Sanford and Son Theme
442 k
Shaft Theme
1.5 MB
The Jeffersons Theme
740 k
Thirty Something Theme
818 k
Welcome Back Kotter Theme
619 k
WKRP In Cincinatti Theme
335 k

Counter in effect since November 7, 1998